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Starting AI from the Heart, Starting Love from the Heart.

In English, AI is a technology. In Chinese, AI means love ( 愛). Both AI and love come from human beings, I believe AI is not just cold sets of data. when combining AI with arts, presenting that technology can also be from the heart and humanity among us.

The planned six heart-beat-flow immersions are not isolated, but interrelated and interdependent. Together, they form a world full of technology, art and love. In the technological art project created for this specific theme, every visitor is regarded as a beating spot of light, with his/her/their own unique tempo and rhythm.

The six immersion areas are connected with the visitors’ heart flows. Each visitor's stay time and traffic flow in different immersion areas are taken as data to be combined with AI to create a collective creation. This approach not only allows
visitors to be part of technology art creators, but also provides them opportunities to feel the resonance between technology art and their own minds.



STORY INDEX intends to create a multi-screen installation that reflects the imagery of young people's lives. The inspiration comes from people’s life style in modern society that are tightly bounded to the mobile phone screen while everyone seems to "carefully designs" their own life imagery. The creation team set up a screen matrix to present the virtual community world and those "designed" life imageries of people are compiled and presented in the multi-screen reality, in a colorful way. In addition to being surroundedby screens, the broadcast content is also regularly updated by the updates and posts from the community. When people's time-limited stories are indexed and cataloged, all life images will be integrated into a part of the indexed history, and the artwork breaks the boundary between reality and virtuality.


Perfect Form

Aesthetics, golden ratio, color psychology and other Form theories – come from the aesthetic experience deep down inside mankind’s consciousness.

In this work, the Form theories derived from the human viewpoint are applied into the construction of the parameter data. Then the 3D modeling software is implemented to generate 3-dimensional graphics in the space through built-in AI calculation. Three elements - light, lines, and dynamics are further transformed into entities with the intention to create the perfect form in space; through the outcome of human aesthetics being translated through the AI system, how "human
consciousness" and "artificial consciousness" can define "perfect form".



The story takes the audience into the sci-fi journey spanning tens of millions of years. It is Just like the six reincarnations in Buddhist thought: the audience is constantly reincarnated in VR environment, thus becoming different people and creatures to re-experience the universe with new body and seek their own ultimate spiritual detachment.


Reproduction ∞ nature

The circle of life in nature knows no end, as it generously nurtures and sustains this land. This has been true in the past and will be necessary in the future.

Here we sit in silence within this space, immersing ourselves in the changing of seasons, observing the movement of life, and listening to the lingering echoes of nature's melodies.

Seemingly still, life never ceases; it continues to reproduce.Try shifting your gaze left and right, and you'll realize that you've already blended into this realm of illusionary timeline.Being within this timeline, you'll feel as though you're at the heart of both the past and the future. This focal point is known as the present.


The Landscape of Calculation - AI Noise City

Mainly [the artwork] focuses on the stacking and overlapping of mountains, rivers and watercourses in Taiwan, while "wrinkle" could also refer to a physical presence that escapes reality, and forward to the endless time loop both in the future and the past. Through the stacking of layers of vision and sound, the heterogeneous experience and variation state in body perception are shaped. Taking "overlapping" as the basic propositional structure, adopting Taoyuan landscape space as the data base for image calculation, and collecting image data such as aerial photography and 3D point cloud scanning as the initial basic data construction, and through image calculation, this artwork presents the textural features and structure of Taoyuan urban space.



There is balance in all things. Good / evil, light / dark, happy / sad... and in order to appreciate one, you must understand the other. There are dreams, and there are nightmares. What are YOUR dreams like today? … and what will they be tomorrow…...


Jcard-NFT Series

Jcard 為臺灣數位商品平臺,始於NFT 平臺,進階整合OMO 互動、數位票券核銷功能、IP 聯名、卡片融合、3D展示館等全方位整合服務,更提供Web3 虛實體驗。



Snarskis, a digital artist, finds inspiration in the beauty of nature, blending it with technology to create captivating interactive animations. Partnering with Florinspire, they seamlessly weave together the delicate charm of flowers and the transformative power of nature, showcasing a harmonious fusion of natural beauty and cutting-edge technology. Through their collaborative endeavors, they aim to inspire and uplift viewers, inviting them to immerse themselves in aesmerizing world where nature and technology intertwine in breathtaking creations. Brace yourself for an extraordinary journey into the captivating union of art, nature, and technology brought forth by Snarskis and Florinspire!


Glows in the Arctic

“Glows in the Night,” this video art piece, is done by artist Yang Yongliang who adopts the images of urban architectures as brushstroke to depict a digital image creation based on the layers of peaks and mountainous and detailed landscape in
the style of the Song Dynasty (960-1279 AD) paintings.

Traditional Chinese landscape paintings often express the inner landscape through depicting mountains and rivers in the natural world, while Yang Yongliang's works evoke people's reflection on modern urban life and the natural environment. His unique creative approach invites viewers to see the beauty of their surroundings, while also encouraging them to observe the complexities of modern urban life.

In this exhibition, the artist team applied the most advanced AI technology to greatly increase the resolution of the original work by 400%, together with the 85” High Fidelity ART Display of FindARTs developed by AUO Corporation to present
unprecedented effects.

AUO's exclusive A.R.T. Advanced Reflectionless Technology allows Yang Yongliang's video art works to break through the previous hardware limitations, greatly eliminates screen reflections, and presents video works with a painting-like texture on the screen in front of the audience.



Synced is an experimental work created in collaboration with audio artist Jutrø and his track "Travva". The film is a reflection on our current society and our desire to meet our basic needs. This is the crowning glory of exhibitionism and voyeurism. Synced portrays this perpetual search for light, this irrational need that we have to put ourselves forward no matter what the cost. As an artist this reflection is obviously omnipresent. What drives an artist to share his work, if not this visceral need for recognition? The film is also a true ode to LOVE in all its forms. This love which nourishes, but which also destroys, the one which intrinsically changes you from the person that you are and which does not necessarily make you better or worse, but simply transforms you.


I Have a Wish

"I have a wish" invites you to record your wish. This recording will be converted into text, and the corresponding picture will be generated through AI. As a result, your desire will be transformed into a possible image and projected on the wishing wall in the display. This wish wall is like a "wish album,” which collects each participant's inner desire and imagination. It allows participating people to feel the uniqueness and sentiment behind each wish. In this way, the connection
and interaction between humans and AI and the feelings and enlightenment brought about when the desire full of expectations becomes a reality through technology are explored.


Extendistance Taipei 102

The Scalability of Taipei 102 is an artistic project co-produced by four artists cross different countries in remote ways, including Wang, Chun Li and Mehmet Güren based in Berin and Wei Huang and Cheng, Daoyuan based in Taipei. They are in different regions and they think and reflect with various entry points for the initial attempts in the technologically and geographical environmentally interdisciplinary performance creation project. They tend to break the established cultural frame in the visual and music field, and challenge the new multi-person, crossfield and cross-cultural creative methods.

Focus is placed on different cities where we stay. As to image creation, we adopt the collage method to combine with the AI technology that images can be generated from text, to stack and mix various aspects of the cities, while shuttling back and forth between micro and macro perspectives. For the sounds in this art project, each creator provide their own materials, and re-arrange and interpret after modulation and deconstruction are conducted with parameter. In the composition, the experimental electronic sound and traditional percussion sampling are mixed, and it is produced by experimental improvisation, in which the hazy soundscapes and abstract beats are intended to be used as the narrative of the relationship between consciousness and inorganic matters.


Ocean Data-Taiwan Breeze

In "Ocean Data-Taiwan Breeze", visitors are surrounded by the ocean just like the island is. This piece provides a temporary immersive experience through art, science and technology, which allows people feel like undergoing a marine exploration, and use scientific data to explore and understand the natural world. Combining the analysis of colloidal particles and marine waste provided by the Office of Coast Administration Construction, Taoyuan, various open data regarding Taiwan marine environments including ocean environment and coastal monitoring over the years, and using AI and machine learning algorithms, the continuous flow of water movement, it is the team’s hope to present these materials to people through art and raise their awareness of the ocean. It is a great honor to be invited by the Taoyuan Art x Technology Festival this year to present this highly geographically related work locally.


Dancer of Time

This artwork can be said to be at the edge of analogy and technology. It is inspired by the breakdown of movement, which evoked the origins of photography and the moving image. By breaking down the action into step-by-step images, the work perfectly captures the essence of movement. The glass material seems to take us back to the origin of screens. The images appear ghostly, and the dancers' presence is almost immaterial and virtual. However, it is the guidance of the light that gives the figures the immortal movement that constantly repeated themselves. The innovative design of this work integrates the real world and the virtual world, bringing an extraordinary visual experience to the audience.


Connection Network

Connection Network is an AI interactive art work derived from "Inter-terra" (2021), which projects map lines from the participants' heads to the floor, connecting people standing on the projection platform.

When there is only one person on the floor, the path will begin from him. When there are more than two persons on the platform, the route connects everyone on the platform and produces dynamic changes as they move.

Everyone is an independent "center" that expands the network to the surrounding area and connects with each other.

Through the projected maps, the invisible relationships between individuals and the spaces between them become visible and dynamic. The invisible concept of private space and your connection to others thus materializes. It is a single person who establishes a network relationship with other persons. In this way, the connection network is the reverse of solitary selfreflection in virtual reality, or the connection concept of a virtual community: a virtual space that can only exist with more than one person in a physical space.


Synthetic Messenger

Every day Synthetic Messenger searches the internet for news articles covering climate change, then 100 bots visit each article and click on every ad they can find. In an algorithmic media landscape, the value of news is determined by engagement statistics. Media outlets rely on advertising revenue earned through page visits and ad clicks, and these engagement signals produce patterns of value that influence what stories and topics get future coverage. Public narratives about climate change are shaped by these interwoven algorithmic and economic logics, logics that are presently leveraged by the fossil fuel industry. Synthetic Messenger is a climate engineering scheme to manipulate the algorithmic systems that shape these narratives. What if media itself were seen as a form of climate engineering, a space where narrative becomes ecology?